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Serving Your Neighbors In Des Moines, IA Since 1958

Since 1958, Greens Appliance, Heating & Cooling has been the trusted name for quick and effective refrigerator repair services.

Before you worry about a potential repair, here are a couple of immediate steps you can take:

  • Ensure the refrigerator is properly plugged in and check if the outlet is functional by testing it with another device.
  • Check for a tripped circuit breaker in your home's electrical panel that may have cut off power to your fridge.

These quick checks might save you time and provide peace of mind. If the issue persists, here's how to recognize when you need help from a professional.

Signs You Need Refrigerator Repair

Notice any of the following with your fridge? It’s time to reach out to Greens:

  • The unit is not cooling, or the freezer compartment isn't freezing properly.
  • You hear unusual noises, or notice the fridge cycling on and off more frequently than usual.
  • An increase in your energy bills could indicate your refrigerator is working harder to maintain temperature.
  • Ice buildup in the freezer, or excessive condensation in the refrigerator section.
  • Food spoiling faster than expected, a sign of inconsistent temperatures.

Basic Troubleshooting

After performing the initial checks but before calling in the professionals, try these troubleshooting steps:

  • Adjust the thermostat: Refrigerator settings are easily changed by accident. Ensure your refrigerator’s thermostat is set to an appropriate temperature.
  • Inspect door seals: Loose or damaged seals allow cold air to escape. Clean them and check for any gaps.
  • Defrost the freezer: If you notice a build-up of ice, manually defrosting your freezer can help resolve the issue.

If these steps don’t resolve the problem, contact Greens for appliance repair services.

What Greens Does for Your Refrigerator Repair

Our comprehensive repair process includes:

  • Detailed Diagnostics: A thorough inspection to pinpoint the issue. Common issues include mechanical wear and electrical faults
  • Efficient Repairs: We use high-quality parts for replacements to make sure your fridge runs smoothly.
  • Performance Testing: We test your refrigerator post-repair for optimal operation and efficiency.
  • Maintenance Tips: Practical advice on keeping your fridge in top condition to avoid the need for future repairs.

Ready for Refrigerator Repair?

Our team is always available to help meet your needs when it comes to appliance repair.

If your refrigerator is still not working after your troubleshooting attempts, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Greens Appliance, Heating & Cooling (515) 320-8717.