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Time to Boost Indoor Air Quality

As we begin to say good-bye to the warm summer months, the options for people to be outside to take-in fresh air begin to be a bit more limited as Iowans retreat indoors for warmth during the upcoming months.

But as colder weather forces more people to stay inside, not only for comfort but also for safety, the chance to get that fresh outdoor air changes. As you find yourself indoors more and more now is the time to assess the quality of the air in your home.

Scientists long ago established that viruses, bacteria and other toxins propagate either with low or high relative humidity. Viruses typically struggle to propagate when relative humidity is moderate, between 40 percent and 60 percent relative humidity.

As relative humidity is lowered in their homes, people’s noses, throat, and lungs becomefurnace mounted humidifier drier. In addition to being an irritant, this drying effect of our bronchial system — “the human HVAC system” — results in less resistance to viruses and bacteria.

As air is warmed, its ability to retain water is increased — lowering the relative humidity of the air. This is why viruses are more frequent over the long winter months, as we spend more time in the warm and dry confines of our homes.

Not sure where about the humidity levels in your home? Green's has several options to assist with obtaining the optimal humidification in your home during the fall and winter months.

To find the right solution for your home before the outdoor temperatures begin to drop further, reach out to Green's Appliance,  Heating and Cooling. 


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